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Rustic Scaffold Board Shelf With Industrial Steel Brackets.

Rustic Scaffold Board Shelf With Industrial Steel Brackets.

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-Handmade in our workshop based in Leeds.
-Amazing finish! Smooth to touch, water resistant and hard wearing.
-With current orders lead time is estimated at 2 weeks.

Custom width
22.5cm depth
3.5cm height

Rustic handmade, unique scaffold board shelves, ideal for kitchen, bathroom or for any other home or office storage, bringing a modern style into your home.

Every solid wood chunky rustic shelf is handmade from cherry picked scaffold boards, planed and sanded to the same thickness until smooth to touch. After this process we use the highest quality stain osmo oil to coat the shelves. This stain has a mix of oils and wax to ensure a great finish.

Our items are rustic, and all handmade, they may arrive with cracks, splits, knots, and uneven edges, this is our rustic style furniture. These also make fine quality gifts.

Brackets are made from steel pipe and boxed for delivery purchases. These include the screws and fixing.

The fixings we provide are ideal for solid walls. Our metal bracket range can be used on plasterboard walls, however, you will have to source the appropriate fixings.

Planed and sanded either side. Shelves are smooth to touch. Treated and stained in osmo oil which is water resistant and hard wearing for everyday use.
These rustic shelves are made to order and may differ each time making every order unique. They all have a beautiful finish and made from scaffold boards with previous life markings. This character adds a fantastic rustic farmhouse feel.

One shelf per order.
30cm shelves only have one bracket! Anything above has two.

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Bear Claw Reclaimed


Includes wall fittings, screws and plugs.

Our reclaimed scaffold boards are a natural product that may have been kept outside in it's previous life, come rain or shine. Because of this the wood can move and change shape over time. To ensure the best finish, quality and longevity of our products and reduce the chance of any movement in the wood, we store our reclaimed scaffold boards for several weeks before use, check for any remaining moisture before we use them, and seal with a stain.

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