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Rustic Outdoor Bench

Rustic Outdoor Bench

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-Handmade in our workshop based in Leeds.
-Amazing finish! Smooth to touch, water resistant and hard wearing.
-With current orders lead time is estimated at 4 weeks.

Reclaimed wood with natural cracks, dents and previous life markings. Giving our benches a lovely rustic and farmhouse feel. Perfect for outdoor patios, grass and also available for indoor use.

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Dimensions: Handcrafted Rustic Scaffold Board table
Width: 50cm- 180cm
Depth: 22cm approx
Height: 50cm
Thickness: 3.2cm - 3.6cm

Our scaffold boards are a natural product that may have been kept outside in it's previous life, come rain or shine. Because of this the wood can move and change shape over time. To ensure the best finish, quality and longevity of our products and reduce the chance of any movement in the wood, we store our reclaimed scaffold boards for several weeks before use, check for any remaining moisture before we use them, and seal with a stain. We aim for 7-9% moisture level b
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