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Rustic Turntable Shelf

Rustic Turntable Shelf

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If you're looking for a beautiful solid record player shelf you've found the perfect shop! Our beautiful vinyl player is made from scaffold boards which has been planed with industrial equipment to ensure it is perfect for your record player. The unit photographed on the main listing photo has the finish 'Rustic clear'.

We have listened to your feedback! We now offer heavy duty industrial brackets for your turntable shelf. Please see last pictures for the new brackets.

This turntable shelf is made with solid wood that has been planed, sanded and joined together for a virtually seamless finish. Please ask if you would like a different size to the one listed

These rustic wooden turntable shelves are made to order and may differ each time making every order unique. They all have a beautiful finish and made from scaffold boards with previous life markings. This character adds a fantastic rustic farmhouse feel.

With these shelf been wall mounted they can help prevent skipping on record players and with multiple purchase you can use these for speakers aswell to keep everything neat and tidy.
-Handmade in our workshop based in Leeds.
-Amazing finish! Smooth to touch, water resistant and hard wearing.
-Helps prevent skipping as these are flat and wall mounted.

-With current orders lead time is estimated at 2 weeks.
-Planed and jointed to ensure flatness for your table. Glued biscuit jointed + extra bracers to enhance strength.

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Bear Claw Reclaimed

Turntable shelf Dimensions (Two Brackets)
45cm- 90cm Width
40cm Depth
3.2cm Thick

Depending on your wall, these brackets and wood can hold approx 30kg.
If you need a certain size which isn't available please enquire.
Includes scaffold shelf with two industrial brackets, wall plugs and screws.

Our scaffold boards are a natural product that may have been kept outside in it's previous life, come rain or shine. Because of this the wood can move and change shape over time. To ensure the best finish, quality and longevity of our products and reduce the chance of any movement in the wood, we store our reclaimed scaffold boards for several weeks before use, check for any remaining moisture before we use them, and seal with a stain.


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